Counseling Services

FCS strives to help every child, regardless of the challenges they face, receive the services they need. Please reach out to us with questions.

When people request services with For Children’s Sake we realize they come with a variety of existing people, systems and supports in their lives. FCS has built high quality programs and services that take into account the differences inherent in people and the existing systems in a person’s life. Our services work in collaboration with a client’s existing systems and assist clients in identifying and accessing additional services and supports should they be required. We work with schools, other agencies, in the home and in the community in order to maintain a strength-based, asset approach to reaching our client’s goals.

Foster Care Services

Our services can assist in keeping families together, allowing individuals to stay in their community, maintaining critical bonds to friends and family and ensuring positive formal and informal supports remain active in our client’s lives. Individuals and families are encouraged to reach independence and our services assist in teaching life skills that can ensure long-term success.

Our Community Based Programs include: