Intensive Care Coordination (ICC)

FCS can help provide a wraparound team to help your child and family receive what they need.

FCS provides a framework for the process of identifying, coordinating and evaluating the services necessary for a family to meet their care and outcome goals. The staff at FCS work with the family to craft an effective family oriented plan that can match the family with services, offer support as services are realized and assist the family in service assessment or in changing services as necessary.

Services Provided:

  • To ensure caregivers and youth have access to people and decision processes.

  • Have access to agreed upon resources as needed.

  • Ensure the family’s voices are heard, allowing the family to be full decision makers in charge of their own lives.

  • Ensure the family has ownership of the planning and partnership member team process.

  • Identify the family’s commitment to carrying out the agreed upon goals and plan.

​For more information or to begin services, call 703-817-9890

Frequently Asked Questions

What is intensive care coordination (ICC)?

Intensive Care Coordination (ICC) is a short term, intensive, family driven service provided by a collaborative team to implement individualized care plans for children and their families. The goals of ICC are to meet the stated needs prioritized by the youth and family, improve their ability to manage their own services, and to strengthen natural supports for the family.

Where are meetings held?

Our addresses can be found here. Meetings can occur at either our Chantilly or our Woodbridge location, as well as in the community. ICC services meet with families all over the Northern Virginia area.

Do you accept insurance?

FCS accepts a variety of insurance types, unfortunately, ICC services are not covered by insurance companies at this time. Please call our office at 703-817-9890 for more information regarding pricing.

How do I make an appointment?

For more information or to make an appointment, please call the office and speak with our administrative assistant at 703-817-9890. You may also fill out and submit our online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.