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4 Tips for Successful Foster Parenting During the Holiday Season

We’ve all heard the opening lyrics from the popular Andy Williams holiday classic “It’s the Most Wonderful Time, of the Year” and associate it with family, friends, love, and laughter. While many of us are excited at the prospect of seeing family and friends, a foster child, unfamiliar with your family holiday traditions, might be more than a little nervous! We’ve compiled a few tips to make the holidays enjoyable for both you and your foster child! Introduce them to your family in advance, if possible. Meeting a lot of people at once can be overwhelming for anyone, and even

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5 Foster Parenting Myths

There are many misconceptions about foster parenting that, sadly, can often prevent qualified people from even considering being a foster parent. It happens more often than you think. Let’s take a look at 5 common misconceptions and myths.  You Must Be Married - Not true! You have to be at least 21 years of age, but, believe it or not, there are no marital requirements. You can be divorced, single, separated, married, widowed, the list goes on. You Have to Be Perfect - No one is perfect! There are times when we all face challenges. While we do have a

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Helping Your Foster Child Transition Back To School…

As Summer Break comes to an end and the focus shifts to Back to School night, new clothes, and catching up with school friends, it’s natural for kids to get excited for the start of a new school year.  While children in foster care might also feel the excitement, there’s a high probability that returning to school could be met with trepidation. Their anxiety is understandable.  We’ve provided a list of several ways to help your foster child transition to a new school. Allow Time for Your Foster Child to Prepare - Consider contacting your foster child’s school and asking

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The Washington Family’s Story

The Washington Family Azellya, Camellia, Jaden and Moma Washington Our story began in the still of the night, March 2017, I received a call from "For Children Sake of Virginia" and "The Manassas Social Services" stating that they had my children at the office ready for pick up. I met three little children that changed my life forever. Ever since that day we have been inseparable.  In 2019 our adoption was finalized and my children were selected and not expected. The judge cried and I cried as well. Thank you Lord for the gift that you gave me in 2019.

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Siblings in Foster Care

Siblings in Foster Care If you have siblings, think about all of the memories you share with them from when you were younger. Watching cartoons, walking to the bus stop, maybe sneaking a snack out of the kitchen, even bickering on car rides or arguing over who broke something in the house. Did you know that approximately two-thirds of children in foster care in the United States have a sibling in care? Especially for children entering foster care, their siblings share a special bond with them. For many, their siblings were the support system for them through an abusive or

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Building Resilience for Children in Your Care

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from difficulties; whether that’s getting sick, experiencing grief, losing friends, failing tests, etc. For foster children, this includes bigger changes, such as adjusting to new foster homes, schools, seeing family at different cadences, and more. During a COVID world, this means changing to virtual school, adjusting to not being in activities, seeing friends, etc. Parents and children alike, in and out of foster care, are being tested on their resilience during these trying times. So, how can you help build resilience for the children in your care?   The best way is to

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A Q&A on Fostering During COVID

It has been a hard year for so many during the pandemic, and this is especially the case for foster children. We've had a lot of answer a few questions about how this pandemic is affecting children in foster care, and are sharing our experience here!   How Has COVID impacted foster children? Many children in foster care are trying to learn a routine. They came from situations that may not have been stable, and may have moved from other foster homes, so are nervous about changes. COVID has turned a lot of that stability they are trying to learn

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5 Back-To-School Tips

We’re back-to-school, and school is tough this year! Whether you’re 100% virtual, hybrid, or in-person entirely, there are a lot of adjustments happening. What are some ways you and your family can get into the groove? Create a Dedicated Study Space. While this can have pictures, fun colors, etc., and your child should be able to personalize it to make it fun, it should not have toys or distractions. It shouldn’t be near a TV, or in a loud part of the house, and should have easy access to all of your kiddo’s school supplies, so they can sit down

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Five Amazing Reasons to Foster A Teen

As a therapeutic foster care agency, we work with counties all over to find homes for children that county foster homes aren’t able to care for. Unfortunately, teenagers often fall into this group, simply because of their age, and are frequently put into group homes because there are no foster homes available to them. But there are many perks to fostering an older child that people don’t realize! Teens understand their situation When children first come into foster care, or transition homes, it can be a difficult transition. For younger children, who don’t understand what is going on, this transition

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We Earned Our Three-Year CARF Accreditation!

For Children’s Sake is incredibly proud to announce that our foster care program, as well as our outpatient behavioral health program, received a three-year CARF Accreditation. What Does This Mean? CARF International is an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health and human services providers in the areas of Aging Services, Behavioral Health, Child and Youth Services, Durable Medical Equipment, Employment and Community Services, Medical Rehabilitation, Opioid Treatment Programs, and Vision Rehabilitation Services. Our accreditation is a public commitment that we strive to: Involve persons served and their families in their service planning. Respect individual cultural preferences. Be accountable to our funding

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School Supply Drive!

Donate to Our Kiddos This School Year! For Children's Sake is working towards a tough goal this year; to provide school supplies to all of our kids in care! Our foster parents are absolute super heros, getting all of the children in their home set up for success in this crazy COVID world. As some of the children in our care head back to school to support their Individualized Education Plans, and others stay at home, there are a lot of supplies our families need, and we're hoping the community can support us during this time! When visiting our Amazon

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For Children’s Sake’s CEO Speaks on Racism

Racism is in direct opposition to the mission of For Children’s Sake.  We believe in a nurturing home environment for every child that includes relationships that last a lifetime.  As we strive to meet our mission goal, we recognize that institutional racism and the rate of black children being placed in foster care are linked.  Children of color are far more likely to enter the foster care system than white children. The resources for families of color are not readily accessible due to waiting lists, cost, insurance refusal, transportation issues, and many other factors. We know that Black Lives Matter,

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Celebrating Our New Foster Parents!

National Foster Care Month may be winding down, but For Children’s Sake is still hard at work approving new foster parents to help provide amazing care to our kiddos! Meet two of our new families below: Benjamin Alderman & Alaina Hopkins Benjamin Alderman and Alaina Hopkins are new parents here at FCS! Benjamin was introduced to For Children's Sake and fostering by his girlfriend, Alaina Hopkins, who’s mother is currently a FCS foster parent as well! Benjamin and Alaina live together, have a kind, loving, and strong relationship, and they want to be “role models and positive influences to help make

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How Can I Celebrate National Foster Care Month?

May is a time to acknowledge all of the ways that people can get involved with foster care and appreciate those who work closely with kiddos in care; social workers, families, and volunteers. Even more, it’s a time to work celebrate the resilience of those kiddos in care. Want to get involved and celebrate the month? Learn more by reading our recent article spotlighting how foster care has been impacted by COVID 19: Visit our Q&A site to learn more about foster care and learn more about children in need of homes. Call us today to learn more and to

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Coping with Quarantined Kiddos

We can’t imagine how tough it is right now having kiddos stuck in the house, with so many emotions swirling around their heads and nothing to keep them busy! We’ve attached a list of resources here to help keep your kiddos calm, happy, and busy!   For more info on talking to your kiddos about COVID 19, click here And helping answer little’s questions about them, click here As well as not passing along anxiety to your child, click here   Want some suggestions for educational content for your children? Check out Scholastic, Khan Academy, Education.Com, and this site that

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For Children’s Sake (FCS) is a local therapeutic foster care agency that provides support to foster families as they help children in need. FCS also provides a variety of therapy services to the whole community. This month, FCS wants to address a disorder that affects approximately 9.4% of the children in the United States – ADHD. What is ADHD? Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a disorder with symptoms that start at 3-6 years old, with a subset of symptoms that frequently continue into adulthood. Boys are much more frequently diagnosed than girls. What Are the Symptoms? Individuals with ADHD

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How to Handle the Holidays with a Foster Youth

The holidays can be a challenging time for a child in foster care. This may be their first time away from their biological family, or their first time in your home. Even if they have lived with you for holidays previously, meeting new family and having new traditions can be sad if you remember past holidays with your biological family. What are some ways you can help your child this holiday season? Discuss your family’s traditions and family that may come in town ahead of time. This gives the child time to prepare themselves, so they are not surprised for

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The Holiday Season Here at FCS

The last few weeks at FCS have been so much fun as we’ve been gearing up for the holiday season! We’ve had an exciting event last weekend, and another one coming up this weekend! Our Holiday Party is held every year to give a huge thank-you to our foster parents and to give gifts to all of the children in their homes. We held this year’s event at Uptown Alley and had so much fun! There was bowling, lots of great holiday snacks, and an arcade. Our foster parents had a great chance to catch up with each other, and

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Fall Event Fun!

This September, we held a Fall Festival at Lake Ridge Marina & Golf, where all of our foster families were invited to come enjoy food and festivities. We decorated pumpkins, face-painted, played football, danced to music, and had a blast! We hope that all of our families enjoyed it and are looking forward to next year’s event. We also held a video shoot at our Woodbridge office. We invited a number of our families to come out and share their foster experiences with a camera crew. For Children’s Sake is planning on rolling out these videos at the same

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Our Interns

We have three amazing new interns dedicating their time to us this year! LAUREN SEXTON Lauren Sexton received a degree in Social Work from GMU last May and is now working on her Masters! She hopes to continue working with foster care after graduation and loves spending time with family. REGINA ELLISON Regina Ellison is getting her Masters degree at George Mason University and received a degree in history from West Virginia University. Regina likes going to concerts and taking day trips to the beach. MAXINE EBER

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