We can’t imagine how tough it is right now having kiddos stuck in the house, with so many emotions swirling around their heads and nothing to keep them busy! We’ve attached a list of resources here to help keep your kiddos calm, happy, and busy!


For more info on talking to your kiddos about COVID 19, click here

And helping answer little’s questions about them, click here

As well as not passing along anxiety to your child, click here


Want some suggestions for educational content for your children?

Check out Scholastic, Khan Academy, Education.Com, and this site that lists Educational Netflix Shows for all ages


And looking for ideas to keep your kiddos busy?

Visit this site or this site for lists of ideas to help you keep busy!

This workbook helps you create a COVID time capsule, helping your kiddos remember this time and keeping them busy!

You can also follow the Busy Toddler on Instagram and visit Kids Listen for audio stories and podcasts!


And check out this list of recommendations on how to work from home with kids.