Racism is in direct opposition to the mission of For Children’s Sake.  We believe in a nurturing home environment for every child that includes relationships that last a lifetime.  As we strive to meet our mission goal, we recognize that institutional racism and the rate of black children being placed in foster care are linked.  Children of color are far more likely to enter the foster care system than white children. The resources for families of color are not readily accessible due to waiting lists, cost, insurance refusal, transportation issues, and many other factors.

We know that Black Lives Matter, and we are all devastated by the death of George Floyd and far too many other people of color. We firmly stand against racism, violence, and hate.  Our foster children teach us how devastating racism can be every day, it is never far from our minds. For Children’s Sake stands against racism and is committed to work and services that encourage inclusivity and are anti-racist. We commit to adhering to the following steps.

  1. We are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace and agency where everyone feels empowered to have a voice, and feel they belong to the For Children’s Sake family.
  2. We are committed to developing and providing diversity training and anti-racism training to our staff and our foster families.
  3. We are committed to providing services for children and families of all races that are inclusive, supportive and educational.

We know we have a lot to do to change our world for the better with regard to racism. Working with children and families who are victims of institutional racism is a privilege and a commitment to talking about racism, to understanding how white privilege fits into institutional racism, and knowing that changing the way children are raised and see themselves, can change the world one child at a time.  Please join us in this collective and continued action to challenge racial injustice.

Deborah K. Evans, LCSW, BCD

CEO, For Children’s Sake


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