Foster Care & Adoption

FCS provides happy, healthy  homes for children in need. Join us; reach out to learn more about becoming a foster parent today.

A child is removed from their home and placed in foster care due to abuse or neglect in their home. When a child is placed in foster care, they are provided with a safe temporary home while their biological family is given time to work through their struggles and build the skills necessary to provide a safe place to their children again. The goal of every child in foster care is to return home, unless it is necessary to change that goal to a placement with a relative, adoption, or independent living.

​Many children coming into foster care experience extreme difficulty when trying to develop healthy relationships and attach to others on an emotional level. Children act out behaviorally for numerous reasons, the least of which is to get attention, both positive and negative. They are often acting out because they are afraid of getting hurt, abandoned, or rejected. It can take a great deal of time to overcome dysfunctional well ingrained ways of relating to others. It requires constant care, structure, respect, support and a willing and able team effort.

The family environment is a powerful, effective and singularly “real” environment to heal children. Foster parents, along with the help of the agency, training, and a treatment team, help children in foster care to heal and learn healthy, safe coping skills before returning home. Therapeutic foster care is based on the premise that all children require a trusting and secure attachment to an adult caregiver. Such a relationship increases a child’s potential to grow and develop normally in all vital areas of life.

Every child is different, and may require a different home environment and relationship with a caregiver to learn from and grow in. For that reason, FCSVA works hard to find strong, patient homes, regardless of the structure of their home, for these children. See the video below to learn more about how you may be able to foster with FCSVA, regardless of your home makeup, as well as to learn some other common myths surrounding foster care.

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Our foster care program recieved a three-year CARF accreditation for its quality, accountability, and commitment to the satisfaction of the persons served.

Why Foster With For Children’s Sake

FCS knows that supporting and nurturing therapeutic family relationships that last a lifetime is critical. Our support services include, but are not limited to, the following: ​

  • In-home clinical visitation and intervention by a clinical case manager. This is typically at least 2 phone calls to a foster family each week, one in-home visit each month, and a minimum of 1-3 additional private visits with a child each month depending on their level of care.
  • training session or support group every month at both of our offices to help teach new skills and provide a network to our amazing foster families.
  • A 24/7 on-call line, to ensure the safety of our children and families, and to provide support and information during any significant events or episodes, whether a temper tantrum or a trip to the hospital for a broken arm.
  • Respite services to ensure the family has the rest and renewal they need to continue effective parenting of their foster child
  • Providing additional training resources when a child in care struggles with issues the family needs assistance with
  • Assistance with pre- and post- adoption services
  • Psychotherapy by mental health professionals for the foster youth in our care, with FCSVA staff or through outside community providers, and assistance identifying or full provision of psychological testing and behavioral evaluation services 
  • Clinical case management, treatment team and service coordination, assuring the foster family, biological family, service providers, and all other treatment team members involved with the child are all working together. Our case managers talk with everyone involved in your foster child’s life to best understand how to help your child and work to make it happen.
  • Consultation and support to other child-serving programs (e.g., the child’s special education teacher)

What Our Foster Parents Are Saying

“For Children’s Sake is my family.”

-Anonymous FCS Foster Youth

When our foster parents were asked what they liked best about FCS, some of the answers were:

“Supportive, responsive, and honesty.”

-Webb Family, FCS Foster Family

“The amount of training that FCS offers you.”

-Marion Washington, FCS Foster Father

“Very supportive and responsive.”

-Munoz Family, FCS Foster Family

“We really enjoy the monthly support groups at FCS. The group time is good and we appreciate the chance to interact with other foster parents. We have enjoyed the kids we’ve fostered, and feel that the experience has helped us to grow up as parents”

-E.C., FCS Foster Parent

“I enjoy the support groups because I learn quite a bit from the experiences of the foster parents in FCS”

-Stephen, FCS Foster Father

When our foster parents were asked what they liked best about FCS, some of the answers were:

“The people without a doubt. They truly care about the children in their care.”

-Stephen, FCS Foster Father

“The people care about the children.”

-Lisa, FCS Foster Father

“I really enjoy working with the case managers.”

-Elayne, Durham, FCS Foster Mother

“FCS is a very personable and really cares.”

-Maria Buie, FCS Foster Mother

“I enjoy being part of For Children’s Sake…I have experienced the support of FCS as they have tried to be there for me to best help me with my foster child. My Foster child has exhibited some challenging behavior and staff at FCS have stood close by me, supporting me as I advocate for my child’s needs both physically and emotionally. They are there for me when I have to go to court with my child. My hat is off to employees at For Children’s Sake.”

-NM, FCS Foster Parent