May is a time to acknowledge all of the ways that people can get involved with foster care and appreciate those who work closely with kiddos in care; social workers, families, and volunteers. Even more, it’s a time to work celebrate the resilience of those kiddos in care. Want to get involved and celebrate the month?

Learn more by reading our recent article spotlighting how foster care has been impacted by COVID 19:

Visit our Q&A site to learn more about foster care and learn more about children in need of homes. Call us today to learn more and to set up an information session, and learn more about becoming a foster parent!

Reach out to your local organizations to learn more about donations needed. Most foster children come into care with only a bag or two of belongings, and foster families are always in need of support with school supplies, clothing, hygiene products, grocery and gas gift cards, etc.

Advocate and help spread the word about local foster community needs! Reach out to a local organization to learn what they may need help with. Whether that’s reaching out to an organization you’re a part of to arrange for a speaker to talk about fostering, or approaching someone in your life letting them know you think they’d be a great foster parent, all outreach helps meet the number of families needed to care for the foster kiddos needed!

For Children’s Sake works across Northern Virginia to provide quality foster homes and support to foster children in need. We’re so lucky to have such a supportive community, from our volunteers and staff to our foster families and county partnerships. Want to learn more? Call us at 703-817-9890 or email to learn more.