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There are no unwanted children
just un-found families.
Because a child
can never
have too many people
to love them.
It's not how many children you have, it's how much love you have to give. The risk is great
but the need
is greater.
Someone special is
waiting to meet you.
The risk is great
but the need
is greater.

Are you interested in becoming a foster parent?


Children placed in
foster homes in 2020.


Foster families in 2020.


Returned to their
birth family in 2020.


Children adopted in 2020.

How to Become a Foster Parent

Our agency’s goal is to give every child a home that will fit their unique needs. For this, we need a variety of parents. FCS works hard to count people in, not out, as foster parents! To learn more, call us today!


Step 1

You call us and we set up a meeting to discuss FCS, our policies, and how we best fit together to match your family’s fostering expectations.


Step 2

You’re given an application at the end of orientation. Once received, the staff will look over the application, call with any questions, and follow up with references.


Step 3

Parent’s Resource for Information, Development and Education (PRIDE) training program through FCS. This is a 27 hour training, with scheduling based on your needs.

Home Study

Step 4

Our staff will reach out to schedule your home study, where we come to your home at least three times to interview you, your family, and verify that your house is up to regulation.


Step 5

Once you are officially approved, FCS staff will call you with an intake as children are in need of your help.

Latest News

FCS is proud of our agency’s wealth of resources and our supportive team and office culture! Check out our blog to see all of our latest updates.

5 Foster Parenting Myths

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